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We believe in continuous improvement and hence cutting edge technology is utilized by us for manufacturing first-rate Shredder Cutters, Industrial Blades and Industrial Knives etc.....

A Brief Preamble

Shred Tools India has overcome all hindrances and touched the heights of success since its inception in 1993. We believe in continuous betterment in all respects as regards our skills, capabilities and technical know-how which are utilized by us for meeting the expectations of our valued clients across the globe in terms of Industrial Shredder Blades & Knives, Circular Cutters, Cutting Guillotine Knives, Trimmer/Slitter Knives and Shredder Knives etc. We have always resolved complicated industry troubles with our sincere efforts and engineering distinction.   

We take pride to be the authorized members of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Engineering Export Promotion Council (E.E.P.C.) – the two prominent organizations that contribute substantially towards our success and unparalleled progress record in an indirect manner. 


Shred Tools India is committed to provide reliable, innovative and to-the-point solutions to the clients that in turn ensure complete customer satisfaction, an invaluable reward for a business entity.


High speed steel & alloy steel cutters and tungsten carbide steel cutting knives of top quality are manufactured by STI and exported to the customers across the globe. Prominent industries like dye electric tool, crushing, plastic recycling, rubber, wood processing, masonry and chemical & various others are also on our clients list.

Our blades and shredder knives are widely utilized in shredding of Bulky Waste, Pharmaceutical & Hospital Waste, Tires Palm Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB), Plastic –rubber, Refrigerators, Wee, Hazardous Waste, Automotive Oil Filters, Drums and IBCS, Refuse Derived Fuel and Industrial Waste Municipal Solid Waste.


Capacity of cutting, edge-sharpness and handle grip balance is the basis of quality of any cutting tool and Shred Tools India believes in strict quality checks at all levels. It ensures a perfect supply of shredder cutter to the valued clients. Most modern test equipment is used in our in-house quality test center. Men of great expertise are employed who pay proper attention to all the quality test processes in accordance with the global standards.


We trust that our workforce is the backbone of our goodwill in the industry. We always give them due consideration and encouragement at all levels. All our leading engineers, quality analysts, R&D staff and designers are suitably employed for manufacturing high class series of cost effective and popular cutting knives for supply throughout the world.

We ensure timely delivery of our products to our customers across the globe for which we depend on our well established market network and well managed transportation facilities. Safe transit of the cutting blades is also ensured by us through tamper proof packaging.

We are committed for timely deliveries, mutual harmony, unparalleled quality, safe transit and most reasonable prices. Complete satisfaction of our clients is the basis of our success.

Your trial order is solicited by us which will receive top priority at our end for timely execution to your entire satisfaction. We look forward to meet you in person at any time / place of your own convenience to explore the business opportunities.


We emphasize on the following key factors that have enabled us to maintain our reputation in the global market –

  • Senior Management and Engineering Team of great Expertise.
  • Very good established track record
  • One-Stop service provider
  • Wide varierty of Cutter, Blades and Knives.
  • ISO Certified / strict quality check system.
  • Receipent of many awards
  • Resonable pricing.



With a track record of completing projects within the mutually agreed time frame, we are known as the most reliable companies in the international markets. This assists us in getting a vast and ever-increasing global clientele. Shredder Blades & knives are widely using by many OEM’s in USA , Germany , Canada , Australia etc.



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